Non-profit organizations

The economic crisis that is devastating the world has had an unprecedented effect on certain sectors of our society that are especially vulnerable

At TLS-Bureau Translations’, we are fully aware that there are entities and people in our country who are working hard and selflessly to reduce the suffering and helplessness of others.

Social responsibility is an obligation in today’s world, and that is why we have established agreements with different institutions that are responsible for improving others’ quality of life.

TLS-Bureau collaborates with the following institutions, among others :

  • Non-profit organizations working to improve human quality of life.
  • Reemployment programs for college-educated foreigners in the translation industry with the help of TLS-Bureau
  • The Catholic Church, focused on its different charity institutions
  • Soup kitchens and shelters, both for children and adults.

If you are a part of one of these groups, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at to speak with us about your project and form a team with us.

Work with us!

If you are a translator and you love the world of translation and especially what we do at TLS-Bureau, we want to meet you!


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